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When Midwest Today began publishing more than 21 years ago, the internet was in its infancy. But when things exploded in 1995, we were among the first publications to go online (beating the “other” Midwest magazine).

Since then we have continued to refine our approach such that we present a simplified yet content-laden site that is easy to navigate. We have the unique advantage of being able to promote our website through our print magazine and also our weekly radio show, that is aired on 52 stations across 10 states, reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners.

When you place an ad in our print magazine, it automatically appears FREE in our “exact replica” Digital edition, with a link embedded in your ad to drive traffic to your site.

In addition, we sell banner ads on our website at a VERY affordable price. To find out more, call us at 641-332-2515.

Midwest Today Online Web Analytics and Composition of Audience

The following report tells you the gender, age, children per household, education status, income levels and other demographic insights of Midwest Today's online audience. The index (Site vs. total internet) represents the delivery of a specific audience segment compared to the internet average of 100. This is shown both as a figure and a bar chart.

The index below shows how our site's audience compares to the internet population as a whole. For example, an index of 100 indicates a site's audience is equivalent to the demographic make-up of the total internet population. Any increase over 100 means that we are "over indexed" (as illustrated by the turquoise bars) and attract a more concentrated group of a particular demographic group than in the general population.

From this information, you can see that we had an August high of 45,000 visits to our site. Monthly totals fluctuate depending on whether we've published a new issue. The average visits per month are 24,300 — so this means that a typical quarterly issue of our magazine generates 72,900 visitors. This, of course, is “icing on the cake” and in addition to the number who see our print edition or listen to our radio show.

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